Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday School Teacher

I still can't believe that I am actually a Sunday School Teacher. I just don't feel worthy, but I know that he only chooses those that he knows can handle the job. I have taken on my responsibilities with a gusto. I truly love researching and then teaching the kids. Right now, my students are mainly the grandchildren of some church members, but we are trying to grow the program, so hopefully there will be more regulars and I can really expand my curriculum.

We are going through Creation right now. I find it quite interesting how much I am learning while looking for things to teach my kids. I am reading my bible more and am learning so much myself! One of my favorite websites is Ministry to Children. They have such great lessons for different ages. It is an awesome place for beginners like me that don't know a thing about teaching a Sunday School class. I am teaching Preschool so I have requested more preschool lessons from them. I find that I am looking at their lessons and then going my own direction, but it is great to have the base to go from.

I think one of my favorite parts of teaching Sunday School is doing the crafts. I just love to craft. This last Sunday we made owls out of paper lunch sacks. What a hoot! HA! Did you know that you can make a bird feeder out of a pipe cleaner and Cheerios? Yep, you sure can. We did that too. They had a lot of fun with that one and ate some Cheerios in the process.

This Sunday we are starting an Opening Assembly. I am told it hasn't been done in the church in quite awhile and it is high time we did it! I am very excited about this as I have been asked to lead the songs. lalalalala! We're going to start with the Bible Song. There are several verses, but I think we are only going to do about 3 of them. Should be fun. I will report how it goes. We might even have a special guest named Jumpin' Jehosephat. One of our ladies loves to do clowning, puppets and characters. She came up with Jumpin' Jehosephat and we thought the children would love it. I will report on that as well.

Well, that is all for now. I will be back at a later date. Adios!

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